Ross On Wye Green Horse S.V Perry

Ross On Wye Green Horse S.V Perry

Ross On Wye Green Horse S.V Perry

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Green Horse is a pear grown and fermented in the Three Counties region since at least 1886. A perry full of flavour, packing in beautiful stone fruit flavours of peach and nectarine, alongside a zippy acidity. This vintage is a true delight with delicate floral aromas. In Ross On Wye's fight against fireblight they have had to pollard thier Green Horse trees and may never see their fruit again if they do not recover (although fortunately they have a 2022 vintage in bottle maturing). Let us drink this perry together and value the nearly 140 years of enjoyment we have had out of this precious native variety.

Vegan Friendly

Gluten Free

7.6% ABV

750ml Bottle

Tax included.
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