Polly's Brew Co Rakau


Polly's Brew Co Rakau

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Through every iteration of their growth over the last demi-decade, one thing that has persisted throughout is this brewery’s love of hops, and how they’ve born an entire business that now looks after the livelihoods of fourteen team members from this love. The Hop Studio felt like a natural extension of this love – showcasing the single most complex, wonderfully diverse ingredient they use in their process bar none. A product of the New Zealand Hop Breeding Programme that they feel is overshadowed by some of its more popular contemporaries, Polly's are putting their flag in the ground for Rakau. Intentionally bred as a dual purpose bittering and aroma hop, this Kiwi variety bursts with incredible deep flavours and aromas of passionfruit, orchard fruits, and freshly cut citrus, with underlying notes of prickly pine and resin notes to keep everything in check. Perfect for a classic Polly’s IPA – all hail Rakau!

Vegan Friendly

6.4% ABV

440ml Can

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